Statement Regarding Our Reopening on 4th July 2020

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Statement Regarding Our Reopening on 4th July 2020

The Horseshoe Pub Ringley Village | Reopening Guidelines

We will be opening, at last, on 4th July after 105 days of not trading. 

We will only be serving drinks on 4th and 5th July. Food will start on 6th of July. 

Our trading times have altered too. Hours are 12 till 11 pm Mon to Sat, 12 till 10 pm on Sunday.

We have to follow certain guidelines set out by the government, not us, which, unfortunately, if you don’t comply with, you won’t be allowed in. 

All customers will have to fill in a card with their name, contact number, date and time of the visit and who with.

This has to be done at every visit regardless of being a regular or a visitor.

Don’t want to fill it in? Then you will have to go elsewhere but we all have to do it.

Children are allowed in but must stay with their parents/carer and not run around the pub or garden.

Tables and chairs must not be rearranged and there will be no standing at the bar or in the bar area.

Unfortunately, if you are in the beer garden or church wall and it rains and the pub is full, you won’t be able to move inside due to restrictions on how many are allowed inside.

If the staff ask you to keep the noise down, move apart or move away from the bar please be respectful as they are only doing their job.

These are strange times for us all and not the norm, so please be nice to us. We have missed you all and are only trying our best.

If you don’t want to follow our guidelines, then we look forward to seeing you when things get back to normal. 

We don’t want to lose our LICENCE AND OUR HOME.

Please read below our commitment statement of what we are doing to make your local pub safe for our customers and staff. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation, 

Eileen & Andy

The Horseshoe Pub Ringley Village | Reopening Guidelines
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